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May 22, 2005


ashley lovell

oh laura, i love this story@ it sounds so famliar! who ever thought mine would lead me to africa.
but when i read about thailand and indonesia, and the like, i want to be in asia so badly. maybe one day. but for now, africa has my heart!
i love you and admire you. please keep me updated always! you are a dear person!

Lorna Thompson

Patsy gave this computer to daddy and I just got the internet hooked up. He's had this for a year or so.

I cannot believe how grown up and pretty you are. My,my how time flies especially when you get older.

I would love to hear from you.


Lorna Thompson


I can't believe that you've been over for such a few years. I know it will be sad when you start another chapter in your life.

Aletha is planning on home schooling Abbie this year is the Becca course as good as any? She'll be in K.

We are very excited.

See you soon!

Oh yea, I had a total knee replacement 2/14/07 and just wished I had done this years ago. I went to Vanderbilt and Dr. Ginger E. Holt performed the long surgery. She could not believe that I was even able to walk on it. Doing GREAT with it.

See you soon.

Your cousin,
Lorna Thompson


it is really beautiful, amazing journey of your life, God always bless you

maybe sometimes you can visit Indonesia again especially makassar city

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