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July 17, 2007


Mrs. M

I LOVE Dave Ramsey! I listen to his radio show every afternoon at work. I think just listening to him makes you more conscious of your spending habits. I often take notice of what I get now and J and I have revamped our 5-10 year purchasing plan for large items and home improvements.

P.S.* Don't tell Dave about our cruise in August. We've decided he wouldn't be proud. We did pay cash for it, but there are for sure other thing he'd have told us to do with that money!

april rose

I am so glad you asked me to go to the seminar with you. Its been helpful even though Daddy has tried to teach me most of these things growing up! John is really getting a lot from it too. I can't wait till we can all call eachother and yell "I'm debt free"! Thanks for the link to the insurance info.I am going to look into it when I have some time! Love you.

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