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August 15, 2007



Wow thanks for sharing that and being so open. I have to admit that I struggle in this area of my life as well. For instance, yesterday was a horrible day, and, although my husband was trying to be supportive, he tried to make me feel better by letting me eat my favorite foods. And I did. And I mean, I pigged out. And then I felt even worse. What are you doing to change your habits? I've done diets and I try to work out when I can, but it's all about me making time to go and work out, which doesn't happen. I hate that I struggle with this, but it's nice to know that I'm not alone in it! :)


Thank YOU for being open and honest.

I haven't done much to change my habits yet, except trying to be intentional about what I THINK about food. I'm reading the Word and praying for God to show me how to think differently. And I believe it will be a long process and I'm going to buckle down for the long haul. :) But I know that how I see food and my relationship with God and food will ultimately be the only thing that will change my habits.

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