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February 23, 2008



hey! thanks for the link! i am totally with you about the instructor...one of mine pushes us hard but isn't very encouraging, another is kind of like yours...gives instructions but doesn't do much else and the other one is AMAZING. she constantly encourages and even comes around to each bike to make sure we're ok. she's pretty much the best. i look forward to her class because i know i'll do my best...simply because she believes in me! i'll check out the mary j. blige song :)


Lucky is a pretty interesting name for a spin class instructor. I don't know if I could take him seriously with a name like that.
I've never done a spin class, but I don't think I would really enjoy it. I'm pretty much a wimp when it comes to stuff like that. Thats really good that you can do a spin class and then walk 4 miles the next day. I definitely know I couldn't do that. Love you!


i bought spin shoes last weekend and i love them! do you have them? if not, you should try to get them...they really make it easier!

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