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May 18, 2007



Did you noticed in your picture that you the only one, except for that boy near the top, that is showing teeth in your smile? Everyone else seems to be half-smiling. I would stick out like a sore thumb if I ever took a picture with that group because all you see is TEETH when I smile :) Hope you are doing well, and see in a little over a month!

april rose

I like this picture. Is it in the yearbook? i don't think I ever even saw the yearbook from last year. i want to see both when I get there! I figured my flying time the other day..23hr on plane there and 19.5 hours on plane back. Layovers aren't bad. longest is on the way home. 8hours in Tokyo. Gotta go. Talk to you soon. love you.


Ms.Laura!!! Can't describe how I miss u! I felt like I wanna cry. when will u come back to Indonesia? I miss u a lot! I really miss all the fun times we've been through. Love u, and God bless u, your X student ha3,

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